4 February, 2019

Everything in order

Get an space of 10, functional and organized.

Today, in La Valenciana we have proposed you get a functional kitchen. Let’s tidy up and keep efficiently our frying pans, paella pans, smooths… you’ll save time to enjoy more quietly the time to sit at the table and your recipes while you have an organized kitchen.

If we realize, the kitchen is one of the places of the house in which we spend more hours in a day, so let’s start: we’re going to dedicate some time to organize it and enjoy it with only two steps:

4. First of all we should take stock of every frying pan, paella pan, grill, cast iron griddle and the smooths we have. We will have them controlled and we will have the opportunity to have a deep look at them and throw away those which aren’t in a good condition and clean those which you are really going to use.

5. The next step will be tidy the space up. If we realize, when we think about organising the space, the first thing we think about are the drawers and cabinets. Without any doubt they are our big allies to get everything in order, but we should also think about the walls, vertical storage surfaces that offer many solutions. Even the oven (if you don’t have more space).

6. We have already cleaned and ordered the drawers that are near to our working or cooking zone and we have prepared them to store in them, in an efficient way, our enamelled frying pans, the cast iron griddles, our grills... so that we speed up the momento of cooking..

Sure that when taking stock you will realize that, like most houses, you have between 3 and 5 frying pans, 1 or 2 grills, some cast iron griddels and paella pans, and a lot of smooths. Now is the moment about thinking in those utensils you use the most, and you should put them closer to you. In addition, we advise you to group those utensils you know you use more, so it will be easier to start cooking.

Once you know thich utensils you use more, just store them in a practical way. If it’s posible and yo have vertical space, we advice you to hang the frying pans, the paella pans and the grills on hooks. In the case of not being able to place them like this, we advise you to take advantage of the width and height of your drawers and cabinets, as we normally fill them on the surface but do not take advantage of the height. We recommend that you make towers from major to minor and that each of them enters a protective layer to avoid them to spoil and scratch. About the smooths, we propose a simple solution, place them on a dish rack, where you can place a lid by slot.
We emphasize again that it is essential to achieve the effectiveness and functionality you want, that you put the utensils that you use most frequently in the front of the closet or drawer, and behind or below, what you use less frequently.

Now it’s time to enjoy a functional and practical kitchen!