Recipe Valencian Paella

Ingredients for 4 people
½ kg of chicken
200 g of green beans
125 g of white beans (garrofón)
4 artichokes
100 g of grated tomato
150 g of olive oil
400 g of rice
A spoonful of paprika
Water, salt and saffron

The meat is cut into small pieces. Put the oil in the pan and when it is hot, fry the meat. Vegetables are fried (the pepper is cut into broad strips). When everything is well browned, add the tomato until it is well fried. The paprika is poured and immediately the water paella pan (previously heated) is filled almost to the edge of the paella pan. Add the salt and saffron and then the green beans and the white beans. Let it boil on low heat for 20 minutes. We will add the rice and we will distribute it well for the around the paella pan. If necessary, add more hot water. We will rectify it of salt if it is necessary and we will let boil to simmer about 15 minutes until the rice is dry. Then let's rest a few minutes and serve.

This is how the Valencian Paella

Santi Prieto / Restaurante Sens