28 May, 2019


We can’t claim that there’s a single perfect material for cooking every dish, as every cook or chef has their own preferences when it comes to cooking. But at La Valenciana we believe that when it comes to choosing your paella pan, frying pan, casserole or roasting pan, you can choose the type of product depending on your needs and, of course, the characteristics of each material.

Vaello Campos offers products in a whole range of materials which naturally are also the most widely-used ones: enamelled steel, polished steel, stainless steel and cast iron.

One of the most popular and time-honoured cooking materials is POLISHED STEEL. At La Valenciana we use it to manufacture our paella pans and frying pans. Polished steel is excellent for conducting and transmitting heat, so these utensils do not require a heat-conducting base or internal coating of any other metal. Cooking in a paella pan or frying pan made of polished steel is very simple – all you need to do is control the intensity of the heat.

When it comes to cooking a delicious paella, or an arroz a banda, or a tasty fideuà, the polished steel paella pans made by La Valenciana let you create the essential socarrat on the base – a layer of crunchy, toasted rice that for many people is their favourite part.

Once you’ve enjoyed your delicious meal, it’s very important that you leave a polished steel paella or frying pan to soak for a while before washing it, drying it with absorbent paper, and oiling it before you put it away to ensure it doesn’t rust.

Another of the materials that Vaello Campos often uses to manufacture its paella pans, frying pans, roasting pans and griddles is ENAMELLED STEEL. To keep the steel free from rust, we coat it with a layer of enamel. La Valenciana’s kitchen utensils made from enamelled steel are excellent heat conductors. One of the great advantages of enamelled steel is that it is so simple to maintain, as any food remains can be wiped off easily.
When it comes to storing enamelled steel utensils, we recommend that if you are going to stack them you place a storage separator between each pan to prevent any scratches.

And now it’s the turn of STAINLESS STEEL, without a doubt one of the most popular materials with professional chefs as this is a hard-wearing metal that does not corrode and remains unchangeable over time. Stainless steel is capable of withstanding the most extreme temperatures – whether hot or cold – which makes it ideal for all kinds of uses. In addition paella pans and frying pans made from stainless steel are very easy to look after. Once they have been used, simply wash them in washing-up liquid and dry with a cotton cloth.

And now we come to CAST IRON. Cast iron is a traditional option and its pans are thicker, more robust and hard-wearing; this material also has its own natural anti-adherence properties (with no potentially toxic coatings).

Lovers of cast iron value their ability to disseminate heat evenly without overheating in any isolated areas. They are ideal for griddling meat, fish and, of course, vegetables. Don’t forget that La Valenciana’s cast iron griddle pans are reversible, with one smooth side and another ridged one.

Vaello Campos’ cast iron griddles and roasting pans are very hard-wearing and, as is usual with this material, over time they turn black, creating their own natural non-stick surface. Another inherent feature of cast iron is its ability to withstand very high temperatures, hence saving energy because you can take advantage of their heat-retention properties to continue cooking even when you have turned off the heat source. We recommend that once you have washed the pan after use, you dry it thoroughly before oiling it.

And finally, we would like to leave you with a general tip for all these different materials – a recommendation that will help you to keep your roasting pans, griddle pans, paella pans and frying pans in the optimum condition: “NEVER leave a frying pan, roasting pan, griddle pan or paella pan over the heat with nothing in it, whether with or without oil, as this will burn and damage the material.”

Don’t miss our next article. And bear in mind this advice from Vaello Campos: your kitchen should always have one enamelled steel pan, one cast iron pan, one polished steel pan and, of course, one stainless steel pan. This means you can enjoy the benefits of every different material and cooking method. You can even create your very own cooking style!!!

Best wishes,