27 May, 2018

My frying pan in flames

Our day to day is a non-live. We start the busy day, we work without breath and when we get home is usually "time to cook". We are modern women and men, we know how to adapt ourselves to any challenge and genetic dexterity allows us to do more than two or three things at once. But there are times  it gets out of hand.We cannot be preparing dinner, filling the bath for the child and chatting on the phone. We are not superheroes or superheroines. And that's why some surprises arrive... Suddenly we smell a strong smell and that is that in the kitchen the pan it’s in flames. Surely we panic and often our first reaction is to throw water. No, no water is thrown, totally forbidden. Big mistake. From La Valenciana we send you these simple and practical tips so that your passion for cooking remains as alive as the first day.

Keep calm
Getting nervous is not going to solve anything, on the contrary. It is important that, when we see fire, keep the mind cold and analyze the situation and the best way to act. Think that, in most cases, nerves play tricks on us and, therefore, can make us end up making wrong decisions for not thinking clearly.

Grab a kitchen towel to put out the fire
The first thing we have to do when we see the fire in the pan is to take a dish towel and wet it with water. It has to be wet so it can help you to calm the fire. Don’t forget that the towel may not be completely wet, otherwise, it could make the situation worse. The trick is that the towel is only a bit wet, therefore, drain it before using it to have well controlled the situation.

Cover your arms to avoid burns
It is important that you protect your body from fire; therefore, you will have to cover your arms with this towel to avoid splashing boiling oil or rubbing fire. It is also important that you maintain a safe distance from the fire to avoid any injury.

Cover the fire with the towel
To extinguish the fire of a pan you will have to use the towel we have moistened. We will have to throw it on top of the pan that is in flames and, then, we will move away from the fire. The contact of humidity with the fire will reduce the intensity and gradually extinguish the flames.

Turn off the kitchen
And, finally, it is important that you turn off the kitchen, either gas or glass ceramic, as this way, you will prevent the fire from re-igniting or becoming stronger and more intense.

REMEMBER: Do not use water: unlike what many people believe, you should not use water to extinguish the fire because the water can produce a violent reaction that fans the flames.