There is no doubt that the pleasure of cooking is shared by many people. Individuals and professionals who spend a few minutes each day with the aromas, textures, senses … Cooking dishes that leave us “spellbound” and provoke true passions is not just about the quality of the ingredients and the skill of the cooks. A key element is “quality kitchenware”.
Since 1950 “La Valenciana” has offered customers a wide range of products manufactured to the highest standards of quality. Paella pans, casseroles, grills, etc., loyal partners for top cooks and chefs with a commitment to passionate cooking.

Vaello La Valenciana it’s basically based in the experience, and it has been growing thanks to the know-how and the implementation of the new technologies. Our main mission is getting to our customers, both national and international, with an effective service and articles of a good quality.The vision of our company is try to transfer the passion with which make growing our project to the rest of the world. For this, we have a team of experienced professionals, optimal processes in manufacturing and a constant investment in machines. We believe that our values are what govern us and make us aware of the commitment acquired with our customers. Therefore, honesty, integrity, open communication and ability of solving problems and the continuous learning of the members of our firm, has made Vaello La Valenciana one of the leading companies in the sector and a globally consolidated brand.