4 February, 2019

Everything in order

Get an space of 10, functional and organized. Today, in La Valenciana we have proposed you get a functional kitchen. Let’s tidy up and keep efficiently our frying pans, paella pans, smooths… you’ll save time to enjoy more quietly the time to sit at the table and your recipes while you have an organized kitchen.

5 December, 2018


We’re already in December and of course in Christmas time. Those weeks in which the familiar meetings, dinners, meals have started and also some gifts for all members of the family. Yes, gifts!!!

27 May, 2018

My frying pan in flames

Our day to day is a non-live. We start the busy day, we work without breath and when we get home is usually "time to cook". We are modern women and men, we know how to adapt ourselves to any challenge and genetic dexterity allows us to do more than two or three things at once. But there are times  it gets out of hand.

9 May, 2018

For a beautiful maiden…”For her”

Valencian paella is undoubtedly one of the emblematic dishes of Valencian gastronomy and by extension, of Spanish cuisine. Famous all over the world, it is one of the tourist attractions of our country for lovers of good rice, good food. There is no palate that does not succumb to a good dish of paella.